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  BOSCH - Common rail

Vilic service owns the apparatus that makes sure that the entire system of pumps, valves, pressure sensors and pressure regulators is working properly... With warranty, we also provide maintenance and renewing of CR pumps.

We are especially proud of our work with great precision, a full renewal of CR valves. With this system, we are able to perform a full diagnostics and repair every kind of malfunction.

In the new diesel engines we have the fittings with common rail injection system, with distributor toward valves that are opened my electromagnetic impulses. Advantage of this system is the simple regulation of injection. In new diesel engines there are pump/gush fittings (so-called Pumpen dusen fitting) which contains both valve and pump elements in the same housing - there is a piston propelled by camshaft, compressing fuel and pushing it through gusher, which eliminates need for high-pressure distributors. This system enables highest injection pressures - from 1300 bars (common rail) to 2050 bars (PD system). Increased injection improves ignition, diminishes waste gasses and it lowers fuel consumption.


  • COMMON RAIL, control and diagnostics of CR pumps, maintenance, repairs and renewal
  • exchange of pumps - old for new
  • VALVES CR, control, maintenance, repairs, exchange - old for new.

Diesel (Bosch) pump - high pressure fuel pump

This is the heart of every diesel engine, with man task to inject extra fuel in certain cylinders and therefore propel the diesel engine. In servicing the pump all disposable parts are being changed, the pump is calibrated using a special tool and it is examined and precisely adjusted on an examining table for maintenance of diesel pumps. When installed, the pump is statically adjusted. We recommend servicing the Bosch pump after 100 000 kilometers. This improves working parameters, which improves performances, lowers fuel consumption and provides cleaner exhaustion. Savings on fuel and quality driving are worth money invested. By preventive service, risks of serious damages are decreased and durability of a fitting is longer! When changing the parts, it is very important to know that our service workshop uses only original parts. You must be aware that "economical" savings by using non-original parts may hit you like a boomerang!


Valves control - after every 70 000 km

For regular injection and proper function of a diesel engine valves are very important, so they are precisely adjusted and fillings replaced in every service. This ensures proper jet of injected fuel, which is very important for quality ignition. Ignition starts at the drop surface, and every drop is autonomous ignition point, so it is important to spray fuel as well as possible.

BOSCH VP-29/30/44

Our service has original programming BOSCH apparatus EPS815 with measuring unit KMA822 specially intended and equipped to maintenance and repairs of high-pressure pumps VP-29/30/44.

  • VE-R, control, maintenance, renewal,
  • VE-EDC (electronic), control, maintenance, repairs, renewal,
  • pump exchange - old for new.


P pumps

Apart of these, our service is mostly based on repairs of P pumps with RE30 regulator for electronic control, so-called EDC-HDK.

Our services are mostly connected to John Deer tractors using this pump. We have everything ready in workshop for quick service.

By mutual agreement, we also maintain other P pumps (Mercedes, MAN, Scania...)

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